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Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
I don't think the Cloth would be there, even if Seiya is gone. From the looks of it, Mars wanted to assemble the entirety of the 12 Gold Saints, and if he had access to the Saggitarius Gold Cloth, he definitely would've gotten someone to replace Seiya.

I highly doubt Toei would pull a low blow such as randomly revealing that Seiya got replaced as the Saggitarius Gold Saint after he vanished.
I don't think think he would be replaced (and the cloth could refuse a new user after all), i was just wondering if the cloth would go back by itself to the Sagittarius house after Seiya vanished. Like it appeared at the Sanctuary in the original series when it didn't have an owner.
And the cloth could serve some purpose, even if there's no one wearing it at the time (as did Libra in the Sanctuary arc).
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