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Originally Posted by wavehawk View Post
Would love to write something for Muv-Luv (Or Total Eclipse), but not that comfortable with the world/tech/characters to start. The thing that interests me with it: If you can create OCs that aren't overpowered Mary Sues, they would be welcome in the Muv-Luv Universe (mainly because anyone can be eaten).

I'll just leave you with something I worked out in my head. EDIT: Just realized there are no nukes in this universe. ninja'd.

BTW: If you don't know who "Giulio and Enrico" are:
Very nice write up.I do love the way you brought Giulio and Enrico to life (In Guilio's case, back to life? Alternate world what ifs i guess, though the contrasting viewpoint of humans and humanity is a delicate but interesting subject.)

Muv luv does leave the way open for write ups of historical characters, and what if scenarios, from WW2 to 2004. You can refer to the wikia Alternative Timeline here for a listing of events related to the MLA world for your materials.

I wish you luck in your writings!

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