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Originally Posted by Solace View Post
My belief is that if you were to show people how advantageous something like high speed rail could be, it would go a long way toward pushing to develop serious public transportation across the country. I think there will always be value for cars, even for recreation, but in a lot of instances where you need transportation having a car is overkill.
Here in Seattle, we actually had a light rail system put in to help handle commuter traffic. It came out much smaller than envisioned, and even that short bit ran into so many obstacles towards getting implemented. But now that we have it, it is getting better and better. Ridership grows as people discover how easy it is to go from SEATAC airport to downtown Seattle. Thus, the monetary return is always growing, and the hope is to feed that into lengthening the route farther north and south.

Humanity is odd... they will say that they definitely don't like something no matter how good for them you say it is. It's not until you force it down their throats, that afterwards they go, "Don't take it away from me!" Whether entitlements, health care, gun bans, mass transit, etc. We're still children not wanting to take our medicine. It takes a mature individual to say, "Hmm, let's give it a try and see how it works, before we declare that we don't want it."

The US highway system was something only the government could do, to the great benefit we got. I envision the government going for a matching bullet train system as well, connecting the major cities.
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