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Remember though, the biggest problem with electric cars is FOSSIL materials. There are a lot of things that aren't fuel that we rely on fossil material for, and that includes things like rubber and plastics. So even though you aren't burning oil in a combustible engine, oil still makes up a large percent of the car. On top of that, when it does come to fuel, where do you think a lot of that electricity comes from? We aren't exactly harnessing lightning and funneling 1.21 gigawatts into your flux capacitor, and we're a long way from Mr. Fusion.

That's one of the gorillas in the "we need to get off of fossil fuels" discussions. Sure, great, your vehicles no longer run on gas. But they, and a huge number of products, are made of fossil based materials. Go to the grocery store and observe how much is made of plastic. How your computer and home theater are made of plastics and rubbers. How your kitchen and bathroom are filled with fossil products.

We live in an oil economy. It's not just the oil companies who stand to lose a lot from trying to get off it, and in many ways we simply do not have the materials to transition to, at least if we want to keep our lifestyles from being interrupted or changed in radical ways.

Simply put, if you're digging it out of the earth to use it, it's a finite resource. You won't run out of wind, sun, wave, or geothermal anytime soon, but you will run out of rocks and dead animals to burn, turn into chemicals, and turn into plastic wrap. And people tend to forget a fundamental law of physics: it takes energy to make energy. And we're getting increasingly less energy than we spend to get it.
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