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Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
It is, but this is the situation we have. Problem about telling "people" to change their lifestyles is that this always hurts the people that are struggling more. The rich don't give a damn; sure their wallets are a bit thinner, but that's about it. It's just like saying that people could get off welfare if they could work harder and find a better paying job. But you can't assume they wouldn't if they could.

It's nice that you were fortunate to be in a situation that you could get there in a decent time. People who already take 2 hours to go to work even by car don't have that luxury. Furthermore, there are people that need to move heavy objects around-- they're going to need those vehicles. And also, the weather... sure, you may be willing to tolerate cold weather and heavy rainfall where it's already difficult to see in a car with headlights, but not everyone wants to do such a thing when work itself is hard enough.
I should start by saying that I've been poor. I lost my job in the recession and had to cut back and survive on a meager unemployment check. I was also a starving college student at one time, for three years, without a car. I know how hard it can be to get around. And yet I still managed. You'd be surprised what you can accomplish, when you are forced to. Bicycling and the bus was actually good for me, because I saved money that way.

As for 2 hours to get to work... you're doing it wrong. At the least, that is a small fraction of people. Well, my supervisor does have a 1-2 hour commute, but only because she drives a company vehicle part of the way, and stubborn sticks to rush hour traffic, instead of side streets (and I have not yet convinced her to try side streets, despite trying). I'm employed now, but during the 2 years I wasn't employed, I made efforts to find work within a reasonable range. Had it come to it (and I was close at a few points), I would have moved closer to a more permanent job. But I took some temp assignments that were closer.

So, I've been there. I know what is like. Sure, some people will have it rough and will need their car (or truck for moving). But the idea is to get as many people onto the idea of alternate transport as possible, so that only those that really need a gas car, will use one. It might take 100 years to fully get rid of the gas car, but in the meantime, we reduce the use of it where we can.

As for a truck, they have places where you can rent them. My parents had a van, and thus they helped me move to and from college, and then into my condo, but they also use it to tow their trailer for their camping trips. So I won't deny that some would like that on a more regular basis. But if you have low means, then renting on the rare occasion you need it (moving), is the most cost-efficient solution. Had my parents not been around, or if they pass away and thus I have no access to their van and need to haul large things, I'll simply rent a truck. Maintaining a truck or van otherwise, is too expensive for me.
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