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Originally Posted by kuromitsu View Post
One thing though, that golden wolf helmet looked really cute and non-threatening. I suppose it's the short muzzle and the cartoonish teeth...
That's actually what I thought of the live action version. The helmet, mostly the actual costume, looks actually funny rather than threatening, it was when it's turned into the CGI counterpart it looks more awesomely terrifying, especially the Ryuuga/YamiTera's Garo. And the Equip and Prop action figure line took it to another level with its own redesign.

Originally Posted by Galaxian View Post
Though really, half the time the time limit never came into play in the live-action. I can only thing of a few times where it was actually important, and there were several fights that went beyond 99 seconds, so the anime could just ignore it.
Because another half the time, the fight actually so short when Garo armor is summoned. One slash/stab short

Originally Posted by KleenexGhost View Post
Couldn't wait for the subs. I really enjoyed the first episode. From the opening to the ending. That end card was adorable.
That was so cute. Now I want Deformeister Petit toy line of Garo
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