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Originally Posted by Phibrizzo View Post
But the moment he feel or try to attack her divine punishment would kick,, and if he doesnt have execution of light, he would fall toward divine punishment, and if he does his scythe would fail.
Then I have a question, what happens if the target of the hostile act isn't directed at Vento, but Divine Punishment itself?

Divine Punishment states that it would trigger upon a hostile action directed that the caster, what happens if you try to destroy the spell?

Note that you won't have to target Vento to stop the spell, but just destroy the cross. A hostile action does not trigger the spell, it's the intent that is key. And if the intend isn't to harm Vento, then theoretically it wouldn't be triggered.

Originally Posted by ~Greed~ View Post
It's not like it matters. Vento has no spells except for Air Hammers and Divine Punishment, so she obviously wears something similar to the Anglican Church's Walking Church, which can sit in the corona of the sun for 3 days. Bombing isn't going to hurt her.
That's one possibility, which is to say there's no reason not to suspect that Terra isn't wearing one as well.

Which once again makes the whole topic from this angle pointless.

Originally Posted by ~Greed~ View Post

Actually, as long as the end intention is to harm Vento, Divine Punishment would trigger.
Not to bring up the dead horse again, but the intention wouldn't be to harm Vento, but to attack everyone in the area. Divine Punishment works only if it's directed that Vento, but if the hostile act isn't specifically Vento, whether they know her name or not, it would not trigger.
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