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Originally Posted by ~Greed~ View Post
Terra was crushed by a falling building. So he couldn't have one. IMO, it seems to me that only Fiamma and Vento have something similar to a walking church.

Which once again makes the whole topic from this angle pointless.
Or maybe Vento was protected by the unnamed wind spell, which seems more likely othwise she wouldn't be harmed by Touma's punch. And if that was a Walking CHurch, her clothes would be destroyed.

But assuming Vento was wearing a walking church, and that the reason Touma's punch injured her was because he hit her face and not the clothes, that would mean that the Walking Church isn't such an absolute barrier after all. Which means a falling building probably would have killed anyone. Which made your point moot.

Originally Posted by ~Greed~ View Post
If the attacker knew Vento was in the area, then DP would trigger.
And if the attacker doesn't know and was just randomly bombing?
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