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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Not so much of 'friends', but I think they're reach some form of understanding with each other- at the very least they don't immediately jump at each other's throat like say Kirino and Kuroneko or Yozora and Sena or Honami and Adelicia, and the two things they've argued with each other was when questioning the other of the nature of their relationship with Touma.
Yeah, but imagine if they were friends, can you imagine the misfortune that Touma would endure

Seriously, though, Mikoto and Index aren't as bad as those examples you brought up, even Honami and Adelicia could get along well enough... and I need to watch OreImo some time. They aren't friends, but they can be in the same room together peacefully. I really do hope they will become friends.

I know the spoilers are probably fake, but it seems likely enough, really. What I really want to see out of this volume is info on the current state of the magic side, and Mikoto learning about magic, since Accel and Shaige know now. Come to think of it, an Accel/Mikoto confrontation should be really interesting...

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