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The fact that you say Fram, Zeheart and Dean are fighting for Ezelcant's "cover story" which is to murder Earthnoids indiscriminately just destroys any claims of objectivity you might make. I'm not gonna bother dissecting your arguments because pretty much everything you said is extremely biased and just plain wrong. It's sad that some of you won't get it even if the show smacks you over the head with it.
Go re-watch the first episode of Kio's arc (episode 29 btw) where Ezelcant's hologram gives a speech and declares war on Earth and tell me those Vagan soldiers carrying out his murderous orders at that moment, including people like Zeheart loyally leading the first invasion on civilian targets with Kio and his friends going to a damn town festival just below him, is somehow not really supporting Ezelcant's cover story of carrying out divine judgement on the Earthnoids (eg killing them because Earthnoids don't deserve Earth whereas the Vagans do), and that really deep down their action is actually seeking peaceful resolution which you claim. Also how is Fram denying Kio's offer to lay down arms and talk showing her that she too is seeking peaceful co-existence. Really, please tell us why to judge the Vagans, or at least those specific characters, on these actions is wrong, I'm waiting to be enlightened.

The fact is these people aren't seeking peaceful co-existence - their action is evidence that they merely want peace for THEIR OWN KIND and seek out revenge for the fallen, just like Flit, except at least Flit is being honest about it, whereas you bought the pretty words of all the Vagan characters on screen hook line and sinker.

You keep judging Flit on mere words but let the Vagans off the hook with their actions, that itself is already not being objective. Even if you claim they are doing it for the sake of seeking peace is actually true is totally contradictory to their actions (how do you claim to seek peaceful co-existence yet murdering innocent civilians time and time again and still claim righteousness? It's pure hypocrisy). I really don't know how you do it. The fact that you are dodging the question now just shows it is you who are bias and not being objective.
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