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Originally Posted by ReddyRedWolf View Post
Where did you get I said the Cold War was about hatred? I am applying the principles of MAD in Gundam AGE. In the characterization of Flit he is no longer a savior but an avenger. If he can't protect those who are under his protection he will sure avenge them.
The moment you applied it to Gundam AGE, specifically Flit, you connected MAD and by extension the Cold War that invented the doctrine, with genocidal hatred. Flit isn't an avenger, he's a weak old man who let his early life twist him into someone who preaches what he was the victim of.

In the logic of MAD the second strike or retaliation is to assure the enemy does not win or at least be in a position to dominate.
No... MAD is when both A and B have a nuclear arsenal with second strike capability, thus they can both launch more than one wave of nukes and launch a second strike regardless of how hard the first one hit. The reason it's mutually-assured destruction is simply because once the first wave is launched, the other guy is going to respond to an attack like an attack is supposed to be responded to. Stopping the first aggressor from winning isn't even part of the program at that point. Even one nuclear bombing is enough to invoke MAD since you simply can't control the variables. Even then, I don't see the Vagan using Colony Destroyers and those plasma things indiscriminately as MAD would dictate.

The Vegans are on a path of genocide, as far as they know, invading Earth itself and using a WMD. Cornering the Federation that they have no choice but take the gloves off and consider what Flit has been saying all this time.
I'm not saying the Federation is wrong to defend itself anymore than I am that the Vagan are right to want revenge for the outcome of the Mars Colonization Plan.

Yes the Federation has been reluctant to open the Pandora's Box. As nobody might come out alive this time unlike the Colony Nation Wars.
And that alone is what's stopping MAD from applying here. The very reason the Cold War never erupted was because both sides were reasonable enough to know that if they opened up Pandora's Box, there was no way to close it back up again. The Colony Wars' outcome was no different from a non-proliferation treaty actually being seen through. If you really wanted your application of MAD and the Cold War to be accurate, the Colony Wars are a better option than current events. The current events of Gundam AGE are what I like to call S^3: sheer synchronized stupidity. Not one party is blameless, and I'm not taking sides with any of them.

That being said, I just want to enjoy my mecha porn without having to see comparisons to the Nazis and criticisms amounting to an intellectual depth of "worst Gundam show ever because it sucks" by people who apparently hate the show so much they waited until the episode count hit the 40s to say it every time I log onto these forums.
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