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Originally Posted by ReddyRedWolf View Post
Flit hasn't killed yet in cold blood.
He hasn't what? How many Vagan did he kill in Gen 1? Because I can tell you it wasn't 0, and not at any single point did Flit view the Vagan as anything other than monsters.

After all these years there is little choice left. Except if the Vagans can be convinced to surrender.
So... you're saying since the Vagan started it, the only way to stop it is for the Vagan to surrender? That's so naive I don't even know where to start, but I suggest you do a bit of research into World War I. Or II, since you're so fond of bringing up the Nationalsozialistische.

Vegan's have been using Colony destroyers since the first arc attacking Nora. They had them in stock in Downes in the second arc. They've been firing the damn things at the Federation fleet.

What do you they are not using them?!
Do you just take selectively from my posts to suit your opinion? I NEVER said the Vagan weren't using them. Go look at what you quoted; I put a very specific, very meaningful qualifier in it.

The Federation is the only one reasonable or should I say chicken to use WMD until the recent arc.

It took 70 years to clean off that idealism made in a hundred years of peace.
No... the Federation just didn't have the tech to match it, which is another reason your MAD theory doesn't pan out here. The Vagan have enough Colony Destroyers and enough of a massive advantage to have ended the Federation before Flit even started work on the AGE-1. Yet they didn't. Now the Federation has the tech to match and... what's that? Yeah, they're not bloody using it.

Then don't come here to discuss.
Nobody is forcing you.
That's... my god. You're a revolutionary! Why in the world didn't I think of something so simple before? I... I just can't believe how many overly simplified, misrepresentative, and totally off-base responses you make to what I say.

Here's a bit of advice: You obviously have some education, but it's like you either half-assed it or didn't bother to delve deeply enough into what you were studying. So before you start trying to throw around real world examples, don't make it so easy to pick them apart. If you'd bothered even a little bit to delve into Nazi Germany beyond the basic 10th grade history less, you wouldn't be talking about the Holocaust and death camps and trying to force them onto the Vagan and Ezelcant; you would be saying one word over and over: Lebensraum. Go look it up. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go talk to people far more pleasant and intelligent than you.

*deep breath* That felt good.

*waves hand at mod* Do what you want, but that needed to be said. And yes, I have had a bad day; was it that obvious?
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