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Originally Posted by 1stStrike
So, why is Manga so popular and what makes it better then watching an anime? I don't really know how anyone can get into things with no animation whatsoever and just plain images. But, that's me. So, tell me why you like Manga. I'm interested to hear why it's so popular.
I think that it's become a very sad day when peope can no longer use their imagination or read for the simple fact that the images aren't moving. Have we become such a tv addicted culture, or people, that unless it's moving we don't want anything to do with it? Or unless the information is presented to us right in our faces in a manner that we have become accumstomed to from the "boob tube" we can't accept it? Is this our ultimate demise? Have we become that superficial?

True that we live in ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) stricken society, but I guess it's still so hard to accept the consequences of it. There was a time not too long ago when people had patience. What has happened? I think we're doomed as a society.

As for your question...I like both. Many times, the manga can go deeper into something, or explore more story, contain more depth, and even be more beautiful than the anime, because they are just cheaper to make and the person who created, obviously is attached to the work and will in fact put all of their hard work and dedication into the art that they are creating. When it comes to manga, there is no concern of budget except when it comes to printing costs. It's also more than just about plain images, these are images juxtaposed together to create a story. The artist/creators use this story and juxtaposed images is their way of communicating to you, the reader. Whether you listen or not is up to you.
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