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Originally Posted by Zoro
book is always better.
lot of manga has better art.
Not really....why? Simply coz we get to see our fav' manga on the screen in action. There are times when the anime can be better then the manga itself. Like Saint Seiya Hades OVA is a good example. The animes was somewhat better then the manga itself. But I do agree with you about about art; coz if you notice carefully, there are times in the later series of the anime where the characters art tend to be out of shape..... In manga, that kind of error doesn't occir frequently since it's done directly by the creator himself/herself.

Originally Posted by Tzurial
I hope you arent including X-men in that generalization of yours!
LOL Well, American comic's do have a bad reputation dude. When it comes to anime, no one beats the Japanese. However, there seems to be a huge change through out the years, and I hate to say but the art works for the comics has somewhat become acceptable.
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