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Originally Posted by Junkedcat View Post

*Camera pans up the bank revealing Fate standing atop. With a lawnmower on one side, hedge trimmer on the other she stands proud holding a weed eater like it was a scepter. With the wind blowing the long hair from her ponytail she declares her title.*

Rofl. Omg this image gives me the giggles. For some reason I can imagine this scene playing on TV as part of a pesticide commercial lol.

Oh, and I forgot to to quote it, but "and wear shorter skirts!" just had me cracking up. I think it's little snide comments like that which really make and accentuate the character. Keep the funnies going Junked :3

Oh, and thanks for the PM too. I'm glad you still like the story and appreciate the detail. I'm taking on board everything else you said too so hopefully you'll like the next one. ~
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