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Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
Anything Kha writes is also classed under the Khrack-filled Rebuilt Timeline, while the main Kerokanon timeline is also referred to by myself as Alpha Timeline because MSLN Alpha is a sorta cap to the Kerokanon...

And I couldn't resist the SRW ref.

I move to nominate the canon timeline as Original Generation timeline!

*is shot at by Legion bluntshooters*

Sorry, a little high on aggro and hot blood after an argument with my boss. -_-
I thought that the reinterpretted timeline with OCs made to fit the canon timeline was like the non-OG SRW serious, and that Rebuilt was just an arc of a longer timeline that was rebuilt to involve Keroko as well as OCs more prominently, and only deviated from Keroko's predictions in the later half of StrikerS, I thought it should be called OG!

But for Kerokanon to be OG, I'll third it because its worth it.

*makes changes*
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