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Originally Posted by Fuyu no Sora View Post

There are FOUR Kerokos here (That's right, 4 )

Keroko-chan: SHE is the female OC

Keroko-kun: HE is the male OC (That's right, Keroko-kun is an OC too ) Here is his profile

Keroko-kun: HE is the forum member and one most respected in Outer Cadia, our home (Well, we all respect each other but you know what I mean ) He's currently taken the job of H4XXBuster over there

Keroko-tan (Pointed out and description by USB-kun): A mini-me version of Keroko-chan, whose job is nothing but being a moving beacon Ion Cannon Breaker. Is loyal to Kane's cause (and rumoured to have feeling towards him). Very cute to the point everybody will get instant diabetes just by looking at her fluffs.
To add to that, aside from her job as one of Kane's most trusted operatives, she also blasts canon inconsitencies. This may not seem to be as relevant in the fanfic thread, is it takes a more liberal view on things generally, but just to be on the safe side, I'd thought I'd warn you.

Also, I'm planning to refer to Keroko-kun OC as Kerokun, to avoid confusion like this.

Originally Posted by Fuyu no Sora View Post
Keroko-chan day/week much? Or dimply in general?
Generally. Keroko-chan day was just one example.

Originally Posted by Fuyu no Sora View Post
Sneaky posts will always come before you know it. Such is life, Keroko-kun
I know. I try my best to be faster, but it doesn't always work.

Originally Posted by Fuyu no Sora View Post


Oh GOD! I can only hope Kane won't throw her on me....


*RUNS anyway*
Unless you're waging war against NOD, Kane won't see a reason too. He'll leave it up to Keroko-tan to decide what to do.

As for Keroko-tan...

*sitting curled up in a corner, an aura of gloom surounding her while she's crying* Huuu~! Fuyu-chan forgot about meee!
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