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Originally Posted by raile View Post
@justavisitor: What is up with you and your signature? Geez. It's not exactly going to affect anyone's opinions, IMHO.

Anyway, on the Ranka topic. As stated, she had plenty of potential. Too bad she failed with other people's expectations and standards. Mine included.

Here are the scenes that made me run out of Ranka-patience:

Famous scene #1: Wow, Ranka. You sure couldn't sing well when your heart was broken because your in-your-delusions-boyfriend Alto and Sheryl happened to be standing on the same roof but your song sure did save everyone even after Michel was gutted before your very eyes. As you sang Aimo for the nth time, all you could think about was your stupid heartbreak and how Alto didn't hear your cutesy pop songs, never mind that Michel's death happened only a few hours ago. 8D

Famous scene #2: They want you to sing a song of mourning and hope. What do you do? Run away! Why me?...she asks. Yes indeed, why her?

Famous scene #3: I'm going away to Vajra-land to help stop the stupid fighting. It doesn't matter that I'm making this up as I go. But surely I'll be fine as I have Kaifun Brera, my cyborg guy! And I'm sure Frontier will be okay even if it's hanging by a thread and my songs are the only decent weapons right now. But I know what I'm doing! Besides, I need a break...especially after my heartbreak...sniff.


Oh Haruhi, I can't breathe from laughing. XDD
List is still long...but question you want me to carry on? XD
Very good food for my eyes.


Actually, I absolutely think, judging from how aggressive Brera was, that he himself was ready to confess to Alto. I mean, think about it, it's no coincidence, he wanted to confess to Alto first that their hostility towards each other has blossomed into love. But then, Ranka got to it first and maybe that's why Brera was so angry but he still kept his confession to himself.

*is shot dead*
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