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No doubt, Ranka will be a part Macross history, but it doesn't mean it will be in a favorable light. Believe it or not, I was rooting for Ranka in the earlier part of the series, I didn't think much on Sheryl, as she was showing major negative-Minmay vibes. The date episode even sorta paralleled the one in DYRL! XDD

But as the series went on, Ranka's lack of initiative was gnawing at me. I'll take episode 10 for this case, I mean she mopes about how she didn't know about Alto's kabuki past but what does she do about it...NOTHING! XD Never even bothered to dig up any dish about her crush. All she could do was ask about Alto, his interest and hobbies but nooo....every conversation has to be about Ranka. By the time she shuts up about herself and asks something personal, it's already late in the series! I mean, c'mon! O_O

Her ignorance is another thing as well. I mean, c'mon, how stupid can you get? Example for this is Ai-kun, if she had respected the Frontier laws, she'd have turned in Ai-kun and much disaster could have been avoided early on. But screw the rules, I'll have meself a cute pet even if I don't know what it is or why it isn't listed or if it is dangerous. 8D

Her whining and spoiled me-me-me brat attitude didn't help either (Her Ozma-abuse in ep. 4 screamed BRATZ!). Man, how self-centered can you get?
My favorite would have to be the parade. Okay, they give this all-out awesome parade for your honor and what do you do? Not show up for it! XDDDD Screw the fans, I'll go find my pet because clearly it's more important than all the little people who helped me become the next pop idol! XD LOL.

Her dependency. I shudder. They want to use your songs for a weapon? What is your decision? Look at Alto-kun and ask if I should go for it. Alto-kun said I should, so I shall! *Giggle* it will help me score brownie points with him as well, YAY! 8D
And if you can't depend on Alto-kun because he broke your heart by just happening to be on the same roof with Sheryl, then depend on Kaifun Brera Sterne, extraordinaire!
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