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Originally Posted by raile View Post

But as the series went on, Ranka's lack of initiative was gnawing at me. I'll take episode 10 for this case, I mean she mopes about how she didn't know about Alto's kabuki past but what does she do about it...NOTHING!
Ugh, this is exactly the kind of type-chara i hate. :/
I mean, expect everything to go your way without lifting a finger and when WOAH, Sheryl suddenly kisses Alto?{ cause face it, that is what Ranka's wet pants was what about in the whole series} NOES, WHY? Ahem, maybe because she spends more time with him, trying to understand him as well, instead of being in the moe corner?
It actually annoys me how much shit this chara got, oh well.

@forgotten: You enlightened me. :P
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