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Originally Posted by DeX-kun View Post
*sigh* This is more work than what it's worth. What I see from you is more biased opinions and your unwillingness to understand my side of the picture, this really will never end but you can't claim she's a boring heroine because not EVERYBODY has the same opinions as you. As for that scene with her without underwear, well she was in a hospital and she went to give him a hug, she didn't go and try to kiss him, she was just happy to see him, and forgot that she was wearing nothing underneath.

Yes Alto is pissed that Brera is always shooting at him but he also sees him as a rival, this is my opinion, whether you think this or not is up to you to decide but it's fine if you disagree. The story has to end somewhere and even if she did sing and stop the Vajra at the point in time, the story would just repeat itself, there has to be a twist somewhere and Kawamori decided it was time. Besides, she tried to help but it backfired because she was hurt at the moment and was emotionally unstable, it's not like she completely ignored the situation, you're really being unfair here. Ranka wanted to end the pointless war by having both sides co-exist instead of one race being completely wiped out. Do you remember only the parts that you want to remember? Because Ai-kun wasn't the whole reason she went, I just explained the reason why she went.

I remember almost everything from the anime. See you have to understand the emotional state that she was in, the singing wasn't premeditated. They told her to sing when she had so much going on, I really doubt that other people would be able to sing right after everything she's gone through. Besides after seeing how the Vajra reacted when she tried singing "Aimo" I don't think she wanted to call back some more angry Vajra, I'm sorry Michel didn't get a song but I don't think he would have minded, unless he wanted more Vajra to kill.
You must take my words so literally? Good, then, I won't make more jokes with you, and state my opinions straightforward.

We hate Ranka because she is the heroine. We wouldn't mind her at all if she is only a secondary character. (Note: we hate Ranka has little to do with we love Sheryl, thus Ranka saves Sheryl or not doesn't matter to this case)

As pointed out by Tak, Ranka throws herself to Alto at any possible point, more so than Sheryl. This is what I tried to say, not without underwear specifically.

I was unfair? Yeah, this is why I asked you how you got to your conclusion that "Ranka wants to end the pointless war", mind I ask again.
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