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Well I can feel the love I've received already lol, well except nobody seems to be smiling >_> well as for the love triangle, I'll just wait for the movie to be released and hopefully it will get resolved there, everyone has made their points against my points and they're well noted but again, this is just my interpretations of how I saw everything.

As for Ranka wanting to end the pointless war, well that was shown in the episode where she was with Brera in space and she looked outside while simply saying that she wanted the fighting to stop. I forget which episode it was, probably either 22 or 23. That's how I came to that conclusion, and I guess there were a lot of immature Ranka "shippers" as you guys say, well then I'm new to these forums and that's not how I act. If you guys want to keep asking me about how I came to certain conclusions, then go right ahead and I will state my opinions on everything.
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