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I disagree with you all.
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As for the townsfolk, lets say that on top of them being fed up with the church "killing" any who oppose it, they come to realize the statues given by the church were salt and not stone? Then they would realize how much they were paying for them, versus how much they were worth, on top of that the church itself would have been desecrating the image or whatever. All this would of course lead to such a rebellion.
I don't think it's that political. People wouldn't rebel over that - they'd just keep their mouth shut, mostly.

It's bread riots that start rebellions, not people disappearing. In this case, the government is interfering with the main trade of the town - what most people live on, directly or indirectly. The cancellation of the expedition already hit them hard, and the church is making it worse by imposing stupid conditions on the deals.
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