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Originally Posted by bhl88 View Post
Does anyone think the Puella Magi will die if someone forcibly breaks their contract with Rule Breaker?
Tough call; would Rule Breaker just sever the contract and leave their now-useless Soul Gems defective and make them die, or would it restore their soul?

Originally Posted by Riga92 View Post
The last few chapters of the sequel gets pretty dark and dramatic. Some people might not also like it's ending but I liked it. In essence, I thought the sequel was a good read. Shadow's characterizations of Kyouko and Sayaka are perfect and the story was very good too imo. Try reading it again sometime if you're up for it, I think its worth reading.
I plan to sooner or later. There was little in the story holding my interest, but if it does get darker and grittier toward the end, I'll have to get back to it.
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