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Originally Posted by Akashin View Post
I admit to lacking extensive knowledge on the inner workings of Rule Breaker; Fate/Stay Night (the VN that is) is sitting somewhere on my computer waiting for me to get around to finishing it, and it's only seen in use once (that I recall) in the movie of UBW. So any deeper complications in using it are completely unknown to me.

Which brings me back to the point that I should really get around to finishing that... =/
Once it comes into contact with the ensorcelled item or person, enchantments, connections bounded through contracts, and creatures created and maintained by prana will all be returned to their original components in a state "before they were made." It is a blade of betrayal that will sever all connections between a Master and Servant by destroying every single rule that controls them. It would be impossible to return another Noble Phantasm to its original state. - Type Moon wiki

so it can change a soul gem back...
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