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Originally Posted by RadiantBeam View Post
So then, how will Shirou have gotten it? Has he fought Caster by this point and seen Rule Breaker? Or will Archer do it? And if Archer does it, why would he be interested in saving the magical girls?
Wait, this was an actual question? I thought it was hypothetical or something; like, if by some odd luck somebody who knew how to use Rule Breaker and had an inclination to do so had it in their possession, would it work on the Puella Magi? If it's a serious question of the functionality of it in a story then, yeah, there are bigger problems than whether or not it'd work.

Originally Posted by Hagoshod View Post
Read this:

Avoiding the use of magic + Drowning all of her natural sorrow in booze = Soul Gem OK!

That, or all those Grief Seeds Kyubey has apparently been chowing down were actually being stored in his food pouch for her.
Second point is possible, first point isn't as far as I can tell.

The probable scenario with Soul Gems is that they provide a constant (but negligible) drain of magic to control the body, and thus would eventually darken whether you use magic consciously or not. Even if this isn't outright confirmed it pretty much has to be true, else there wouldn't have been a way for the first Witch to be born (since the first Puella Magi would have been born first, without Witches to fight).
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