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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
Instead, currently reading Yuzusoft latest eroge: Noble Works (yeah, quite late I know).
And so far, I have little to no complaint: a moege with a colorful cast, quirks and good laugh around, excellent production value etc.
One special mention though: Sena is bloody HOT and MOE, to the point it is criminal. I personally don't have any maid fetish whatsoever, but Sena is pushing so many buttons I almost had an heart attack on various occasions (and the number of galge character dealing me this effect can be counted with a single hand, so ).
I enjoyed reading your impressions of the game and Sena's route! I would say that this is definitely one of my favourite "moege" in the last little while, with a good blend of elements that should satisfy pretty much anyone. It's funny though... while I do recognize all the moe points about Sena and did like the route well enough (and I agree the way that it was handled was quite balanced), she wasn't actually my favourite character in the game. I'd actually have to go with Akari and Maya as my two favourite characters/routes; perhaps I just couldn't get over their cute and hilarious ignorance when it comes to simple romance? Anyway, add another vote for Noble Works as a game people should try as a decent choice within that genre. I agree that, while I liked Tenshin Ranman well enough, this game definitely shows improvement in nearly every area, and really makes me look forward to seeing what that group will come up with next. (And also who will get a route in the inevitable PSP port. I'm going to guess Makoto, but would be sort of scared if they went with Chiaki...)
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