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I can't help but notice that in posts where you bash the game and some of the people who play/inflate it, you put a disclaimer at the end of every post justify your dissent in a sea of gamers who still love the game despite full knowledge of the flaws you're always pointing out. Lot's of said gamers are still able to, you know, enjoy the game without being all emotional about the problems and issues during and after game production, and without being swayed by your so-called inflated scores (which are expected to be near grossly inflated anyway).

Defensive much? Because you're welcome to your opinion no matter how negative, and you don't need to justify it in every post like your being an apologist for everyone with a dissenting opinion. When doing so it just makes people suspicious why you need to do it in the first place like you have a much different reason in posting.

Also, it may be a stock photo of her of the real person she was based on, but she's still fucking hawt.
I reread my posts and often think I come off way too extreme. That and, being on so many forums, especially gaming forums, people resort to extremes far too often in my opinion and I do not want to become one of those posters. To be honest, I'd rather look like I have an agenda than fatalistic. If my posting/editing style annoys you, my bad.

edit: It is not being emotional or subjective enjoyment per se, but irritation at Bioware's new direction, which I think has brought many negatives with it that I think will continue (focus on action rather than setting, romances/sex sells, simple dialogue). Compare ME1 to ME2 or ME3. There is a definite shift away from pure RPGs, which while not inherently a terrible decisions seems to have replaced writing/dialogue with action hero cutscenes and sex scenes. To me, I honestly believe Bioware has dumped its older fans for a casual consumers looking for the next round of instant gratification and cheap thrills till the next product comes along.

There are already few RPG companies that I can think of and I would rather think the emphasis stays on well thought out story/dialogue and not tits and explosions. ME3 may not be a terrible game, but I hope it does not become a RPG standard, otherwise I have no reason to play RPGs anymore. I want thoughtful story and dialogue, not "we fight or we die" [cue explosion].

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