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Originally Posted by Xion Valkyrie View Post
So how long is ME3?

Trying to plan my limited time for this week.
I finished in 20 hours on my first playthrough, starting at level 1 (you start at level 30 if you import a save, unless you use Gibbed Save Editor to change your level). Did nearly everything. Getting 100% exploration of every explorable system would probably have tacked another hour or two on (many of them were at 100%, with a few that weren't). Was level 46 when I finished. Yesterday. So, took two days, which makes me realize I must have played 10 hours/day, though it really doesn't feel like it.

What wasn't counted in that 20 hours on the game save was the hour or so it took me to create my character as the Character Creator lighting is so bad that I had to play through the Prologue cinematics (half of which can't be skipped) like five times before being able to see my character in game and liking how I looked.

As for whether ME 3 is an RPG or not, I haven't thought of it as an RPG since ME 2, and barely thought of it as an RPG during the first game. It's an action adventure game with a hell of a lot more story than a typical action adventure game. I made peace with that several years ago. I think if some of you did as well, a lot of your anger and cholesterol levels would subside. That said, it's more of an RPG than ME 2, due to the weapon upgrades being brought back, so that's something I suppose. I still think of it as a story driven action adventure game, especially when the lead ME designer explicitly states that their target audience doesn't like stats and numbers and poring over items and basically everything that made old-school RPGs...RPGs.

As for the discussion about choices blah blah, well, it makes me recall a conversation I had with David Gaider (Bioware writer/dev) a few years ago, and how he admitted that 'choice' in a video game is a total oxymoron. An illusion. And, whether-as a developer/writer-one should be proud of being successful in hoodwinking your audience into being stupid enough to think there's any real choices to be had in a video game; that the story isn't really pre-scripted (when, by definition, no matter the 'choices', it is). He seemed to think that-as irrational as it seems-today's gamers wanted that illusion, so as a developer/writer, he was forced to cater to that lie. But, he was well aware of how silly it was. It's certainly something I always giggle to myself over when hundreds of pages can be written about lack of 'choice' in one video game or another by angry fans. For the record, I far prefer a tight story than the inevitable boringness that comes with a story that has to accommodate a hodgepodge of 'decisions' people make. That's why I used to love JRPGs to death in the good old days.

Spoiler for Ending:
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
Also, cake.

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