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Lost Logia Plot Device for a Pre-StrikerS, alternative continuity fanfic:

A magical Electro-Magnetic Pulse Field Generator.

Developed (or at least employed) by an extinct civilization as a countermeasure against the Anti-Magic Field technology of the Belkan Empire.

It shorts out all electronic technology (especially AMF generators), but has no effect on magic, thus allowing mages trained to operate without Devices to have a serious edge over those who became dependent on them (especially as a way to deal with their own self-imposed AMF handicap). And because this is a powerful, MAGICAL field, it has the ability to bypass physical EMP shielding and break through magical protective fields.

Unlike AMF and the Eclipse effect, this is a form of handicap much more friendly to the genre of the original series. Because magical girls can still USE their magic and expect it to have an effect.

In order to deactivate and retrieve this Lost Logia, the Bureau needs to rely on those agents who are the strongest without any Device at all.

Yuuno Scyra, Arf, and Zafira.

Because of their long, long experience, Signum and Vita are also viable, though they would not be deployed until after the Bureau can furnish them with suitable equipment. That is to say, a regular but extremely durable sword and warhammer.

Because Fate was training in maic and high-speed aerial combat long before she got Bardiche, and because she's still a ridiculously powerful mage without him, she can also be fielded.

This is a mission that Nanoha would have to sit out, as her unorthodox magical education left her much too reliant on Raising Heart. She would be kept on standby as emergency backup, while furiously training to operate on her own.

Hayate is in the same boat as Nanoha. Indeed, this whole incident spurs her into the kind of training that will actually allow her to participate in combat like her Battle of Aces self, rather than become a helpless nuclear warhead desk jockey.

Reinforce Zwei, as a Unison Device, is a living magical program like the Wolkenritter, rather than an electronic Device, and she can therefore accompany the initial team, or assist Hayate once she's finally ready to enter the field.
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