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Final Fantasy 8. As far as I'm concerned, Rinoa and Squal are a Final Fantasy couple that will never be matched (among main characters at least; FF 9 had a number of surprisingly good side-character romances). While the fangasm over the doll-like Yuna and six-year old Tidus is something I can objectively understand, it doesn't stop me from puking silently.

Final Fantasy 4 was the most life altering, in that I'm pretty sure it was the prime catalyst that got me interested in JRPGs. I had played FF 1 on the NES as a little boy, but didn't care for it due to its lack of anything really resembling a story. FF 4 was the first JRPG I played that, to my 10? 11? 8? year old brain seemed like an epic fantasy. I was hooked.

I actually think FF 12 was the closest to being the most complete package of all the FF games. If only its story had been able to live up to the epic scope of the SNES/PS 1 days. Even if the story had remained the somewhat aborted thing it was pushed out to market as, but they had never included Vaan (and Penelope), and kept Basch as the main character (and, while we're wishing for unicorns and rainbows...never put Asch in a pink miniskirt), it's quite possible I'd hold FF 12 as the greatest FF game ever.

Certainly, the meta-world of Ivalice is-by far-the best setting Square has had for any of their games. No other FF game came remotely close in the voice acting front either.

That said, I thoroughly enjoyed every FF game that came out from FF 4 through 9. 10 was the first crack in my blind love affair with the franchise, as I wanted nothing more than to stick my penis into dead people rather than try to find some way to empathize with Tidus, and thought Yuna was like taking the JRPG female that wasn't exactly a shining beacon of progressiveness to begin with and taking a thousand steps backwards.

I've slowly become resigned to the probable fact that I am likely too old/cynical/etc to enjoy any new FF games. Not only did I think FF XIII was the hands down worst game Square has ever made (and probably the worst game ever made by any company from a dollars spent:how good the game was ratio), that Square continued to embrace that monstrosity with FF XIII-2 (second worst game they've ever made), and now a third FF XIII game has pretty much removed any doubts in my mind that the franchise is just not for me anymore.

Though, there remains this little voice within my head that says the traditional method of having two teams work on subsequent FFs (assuming we take all three FF XIII games as being the 'same' game), means perhaps FF 15 will be done by the "other" FF team. The one that gave us 12. So, maybe it'll be good?
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
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