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Originally Posted by Xellos-_^ View Post
Just curious

what is everyone first Final Fantasy Game?

Started with Final Fantasy 1
Mystic Quest was my first FF game, followed by FFIV. I didn't really come love the series until FFVI though.

Originally Posted by Rising Dragon View Post
First Final Fantasy game I played, like many, was 7. Favorite though is definitely 9, I really, really don't understand why everyone else seemed to dislike it.
The game is pretty will liked among the community, just not talked about a whole lot since it's one lesser controversial games.

Originally Posted by Xellos-_^ View Post
just a guess, i think most of the criticism came form older game who like me started with ff1. imo it was ok but there wasn't anything really outstanding about it.
I found FFIX to be pretty mediocre too. The plot starts off really well, but then after Disc 1 it deteriorates bit by bit (including ripping off plot points from earlier FF particularly FFIV and anticlimactic confrontation with Garland) until it cumulates into the most poor built up final boss in series. Doesn't help that half cast (Freya, Amarant, Quina) either becomes irrelevant later or was so at the start. Only Vivi, Garnet and possibly Eiko get any real character development. Zidane has interesting backstory, but has little to no effect on his character, instead it does far for Kuja's growth.

Unfortunately the gameplay isn't much better, aside from the fact there is little to no strategy in most of boss fights, the battle system itself is ridiculous slow which makes it difficult to replay at least for me, especially after FFIV DS, and FFX-XIII. The Growth system is interesting, but becomes rather botched because you can actually miss skills. Trance is also pretty useless due it's uncontrollable nature, so it normally end ups being triggering when you don't what it to. The mini-games are okay most ranging decent (Chocobo Hot & Cold) to terrible (Tetra Master).

That said, the game has its positives, the art direction is fantastic, the writing is among stronger ones in the series, there are quite memorable moments (like Alexander's reveal) and has the best side characters in the series (Beatrix, Marcus, Lani etc). It also has the most well developed villain out all the games aside from FFX (no I'm not taking about Seymour).

So in end, it's just middling entry into series for me.

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