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Definitely Final Fantasy 6. It has one of the best soundtracks in video game history and probably the best developed characters and story out of the entire series.

Not to mention I find Kefka to be the best villian out of all the games. He is so widely different from all other FF villians. Everyone else kinda had the pieces just fall into place. "Oh, he's a demigod, or faceless ruler of all the kingdom, you'll HAVE to fight him. Kefa was just a plain guy, a plain sadistic guy in an empire's army who backstabbed and manipulated his way into becoming ruler. Not to mention he has that great laugh. Kefka was so damn evil and crazy that he made people want to commit suicide instead of facing his wrath.

There were tons of epic moments and twists in FF6, the most striking is the moment when the heroes fail to stop Kefka from literally tearing the world apart killing millions and almost all lfie on the planet. The heroes failing in a FF game, who'd a thunk it.

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