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- Boy, again what a useless weapon the Dominator is, ( ok maybe useless is a bit much ^^) and slow as hell. and no manual override for at least the stun mode ( WTH I don't really see any big problem with this) and no back-ups ( why not a separate stun gun then??) ,oh yeah they do have those lightning rods. Akane could have been lucky if she threw one of those to Makishima(/sarcasm). better she should have just thrown the Dominator, useless piece of.....oh yeah it's not useless ( sorry still affected by what happened to yuki)
It's the downside of being in a highly mechanized state where they don't trust police officers(because the police officers are technically convicted mental patients) to use their own discretion for lethal force, and where the opposition usually isn't expected to shoot back.

You tend to have overly elaborate weapons in those kinda situations.
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