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The thing I loved most about this episode was the obvious fear emanating from the normally female titan's deadpan face when Eren was going batshit insane and Mikasa went full Mama Grizzly on the female titan. I always love Mikasa's yandere moments it makes all of the Armin crybaby moments in the anime worth it (I'm just happy there hasn't been any in a while). Then there is Levi's emotionless face when he saw his squad dead, all probably being channeled into a silent killing rage deep down waiting to be released.

I genuinely forgot that Eren was good at fighting, even though he is in the top 10 of recruits he always comes off as the guy who sucks at everything but shows a lot of heart. His squad were kinda being douches though, keep asking Eren to trust their abilities while constantly implying that Eren is not good enough to fight yet.

My one disappointment was not seeing Mikasa and Levi fight together this episode, it's like a mental blue balling. Waiting for SnK is always the hardest part of a week for me.

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