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Originally Posted by arias
And I'm still suprised that EVA was the only profitable anime. I am VERY aware of the popularity status of things.. but this is still news to me : o I guess none of their other works ever spawned such an opportunity for merchandize as EVA did.
It isn't...
Originally Posted by Mr. Yamaga
The structure of the organization has never really been concretely established. But, it is getting better year after year and it seems that we have been turning a profit on Mahoromatic.
Same person, from the same interview, on the same page as MrProphet's quote.

I think the intent of the quote was to say gainax never had a series as massivily profitable as Eva, not that no other series made them any money at all. Not to mention the interview is from 2002

As for Nadia, according to that interview, it was making lots of money, for the NHK. It seems they owned the rights, not gainax.

Anyway, to get on topic, wasn't the last huge Eva announcement about the Evangelions 2 video game? Perhaps this will be something like that? Well, if there is a new project, I just hope it'll be 100% new material.
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