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Read the first chapter of the sequel. Looks like IIda lost his eyesight but will be getting one of his eyes transplanted. Can someone please refresh my memory as its been a while since I read the original and my memories are hazy. Is this rich beautiful girl, who has been supporting Iida knows as Aya, the same little girl who IIda once saved after she made a little boy commit suicide and then the boy's father came after the little girl? Is it the same little girl? She is hot now. BTW, how old is IIda now? Seemed pretty old. I wonder if Eriko is still alive? If I had to guess, Eriko must be happily married with someone by now and is probably the chief of police or something. Awww...I so wished Iida would atleast marry Eriko coz its pretty painful to see him all alone, blind and old with no one else. Atleast his old boss was a fanatic detective but he had family.
yeah its the same person just read the manga so
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