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Going by the log with a quick look I really can't see anything that would mean a broken system on the DirectShow side, even though you have some payware filters installed for specific apps (thankfully they don't seem to be overtaking anything in a bad way).

As for "other 720p encodes play fine" -- every encode is different and different things that add/remove from the load exist. Thus comparing to something really isn't that good of a thing. So -- as I alreay said: Reset settings from the settings app and try enabling the multithreading decoder. Or just upgrade to the beta I mentioned in my earlier post. The beta contains much newer ffdshow-tryouts, Haali's splitter as well as MPC-HC.

Originally Posted by #cccp
<@Lord> and the latest beta is better in more aspects than worse than the last release afaik
as well as the beta wiki page should tell you enough about how good the current newest beta is :V (the upgrade "problem" only happens with beta-to-beta and doesn't break anything -- it just tells you to manually uninstall and install instead of getting the usual upgrade when installing the next.)

If after this you still have problems, do try the Overlay renderer (will kill Aero, but is somewhat faster). Otherwise you might wish to think about trying some alternative H.264 decoders. ffmpeg's multithreaded decoder is quite fast, but commercial alternatives might give some extra performance. See the DivX H.264 and CoreAVC wiki articles on getting such installed if needed.

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I use the K-Lite Codec Pack though, but seeing the reputation it seems to have around here, I guess that doesn't have anything to do with anything.
There's a reason for the negative reputation it has, mostly because it contains all kinds of things, some of which are most probably not a-OK to be given to others without permission (not to mention that they're mostly unneeded). Also, after you select the components to install, the installer tries to hack it all together so that nothing breaks too badly (at least that's what he tries). Is this sane software design? If it works for you, great. Still, I would probably re-think about recommending it to others. Kierank (they guy who added NAL-HRD to x264) reacted hard towards clsid on that matter, but since it was the ffdshow-tryouts thread his posts got removed by a moderator as being off-topic. CCCP's minimalism strikes me as being a much better alternative. You can remove things from the install if you want to keep something of your own, but there's nothing wrong and no internal overlap done with selecting it all -- which actually is the default.

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My laptop has the same specs except for a less powerful processor (Core Duo 1.66GHz), and it runs everything 720p perfectly (and rarely has issues with 1080p), so I doubt it's the specs, really.
The TL-50 was a 1.6GHz dual core AMD CPU, on XP with CoreAVC it could do 720p nicely with Haali's, and 1440x1080 with overlay. 1920x1080 was a no-go (at least at more CPU-intensive settings). So yeah, as long as multithreading is on, I wouldn't really think that the 720p video decoding itself should be a problem (at stable 24/1.001fps rate and not calculating in subtitle rendering). The playback package you're using most probably set the multithreading on automatically on install, as the newer CCCP builds do when they find more than one core on the machine.
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