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Originally Posted by JEEB View Post
There's a reason for the negative reputation it has, mostly because it contains all kinds of things, some of which are most probably not a-OK to be given to others without permission (not to mention that they're mostly unneeded). Also, after you select the components to install, the installer tries to hack it all together so that nothing breaks too badly (at least that's what he tries). Is this sane software design? If it works for you, great. Still, I would probably re-think about recommending it to others. Kierank (they guy who added NAL-HRD to x264) reacted hard towards clsid on that matter, but since it was the ffdshow-tryouts thread his posts got removed by a moderator as being off-topic. CCCP's minimalism strikes me as being a much better alternative. You can remove things from the install if you want to keep something of your own, but there's nothing wrong and no internal overlap done with selecting it all -- which actually is the default.
Yeah, I understand. I wasn't really recommending it, more of a "just saying" thing. I had my reasons to use KLCP instead of CCCP in the past; not really anymore, but as long as it works and gives no issues, no point in changing now.

As a fansubber, I always recommend CCCP as playback solution, anyway.
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