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Originally Posted by Mairsile View Post
Why do you find her choice so puzzling? From her debut she has many characteristics that make her quite the catch if she were a real girl. She's sweet, playful, flirty, direct, hard-working, a bit of a tease, funny, and athletic (the only athlete of all the girls).
I guess its because I prefer talkative, less serious girls IRL. Its all about personal preferences. That's why I like Amagami SS. Just choose the girl that you prefer and enjoy the show...

Maybe one of the other reasons why she's popular with gamers is because she doesn't have a lot of requirements to win her heart. I mean I played a Love Hina fan made dating sim and instead of choosing the popular ones I decided to choose Shinobu.

Personally I like Ai, she's probably my 3rd favorite character right now.
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