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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
So, unlimited sympathy for the victim (even if he claims otherwise), zero consideration for the accused perpetrators and accomplices (even if they claim otherwise), and no one has the right say anything differently unless they've been in the same situation. That sounds fair and balanced!
Seriously I think some words of apology would be nice even if things went out of proportion but they are pretending as if nothing happened. What's more, it was Seiyuu apologising than the main orchestrator who may have planned out the whole thing. How hard would it be just utter one word than trying to deviously cover it up? It could have been over and done with but now we are discussing about double standard and politics of anime business...

First I admit we lack the purpose of this prank. I mean this prank would've taken a bit of time and money to set it up. If it was to promote the show, there would have been plenty of other ways to promote the show but they chose this for a bit of an entertainment for themselves. If this was done quietly, it would have been fine.
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