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Originally Posted by Sumeragi View Post
The "entertaining for themselves" and "bullying" hypothesis is based on what people on the net believe. We're assuming things which might not be true at all.
I don't think that you're being fair about this, Sumeragi.

The bullying "hypothesis" was basically accepted by just about all of us at first. Now, after a significant passing of time (why wasn't this supposed "real story" put out sooner?) the people behind the alleged bullying are putting forward apologies and explanations that, frankly, stretches credibility, for reasons that Guardian Enzo and Klashikari have already brought up.

Is it possible that those apologies are entirely sincere and no bullying occurred? Sure... and it's also possible that O.J. Simpson never killed Nicole Simpson. Catch my drift?

The standard of "innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt" applies to courts of law, but it doesn't apply to the court of public opinion. Public opinion will go with whatever possible interpretation of the facts seems most plausible to them, and that's why a lot of people believe that O.J. Simpson killed his wife. And it's also why a lot of us don't think that everybody is innocent in this bullying incident.

At the very least, I seriously doubt that the principal parties (the two seiyu most directly involved, and the Director) are completely innocent here. But in fairness, I can easily imagine most other people on the Kokoro Connect anime team being innocent of wrong-doing, and honestly thinking that this was a legit publicity stunt.
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