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Originally Posted by Sumeragi View Post
The question can be turned into this: Life is a political game, but it does not mean everyone is as Machiavellian as people have been accusing some of the parties related to this incident. Why is it that people bandwagon onto this when it's most likely any normal individual would have done as what happened?
That doesn't make sense whatsoever.
The core problem with the incident is simple: what was that for to begin with? Why going as far as making a "elaborate" prank on a seiyuu who wasn't taking part of the series to begin with?

Your claim for hypocrisy is just displaced: it would be akin to "you condemn such actions, but you would have done the same!", which is absolutely not valid here:
1) it is up to producers and staff team to select seiyuu for whatever roles they might be hired for
2) there is absolutely no benefit of doing such kind of prank whatsoever, except leading to a negative image, which is not something any company would want, even more so with the context of the japanese society and culture
3) there was absolutely no need to shame a seiyuu, however good or bad they are

A political game would be akin to do whatever it takes to fulfill a purpose and goal in mind, and the only one you would care in anime industry would be popularity and marketing, in order to increase the potential income from the given series.

But here, we have an absolutely gratuitious act pulled for no logical reason whatsoever, so backing it as a "political" decision whatsoever doesn't cut it. Assuming you would want to shame a popular seiyuu to sabotage the reputation of all series related to them would be a sketch, but "theorically valid" political tactic (albeit stupid as hell), but the context is entirely different: Ichiki has, for the lack of better term, absolutely nothing to do with Kokoro connect thus up to his fake audition and enrollment for PR, and pulling a public embarassment does not benefit the series at all, since it would lead to a major backlash, which is occuring as we speak.

Also, assumptions are valid if we consider facts and circumstances, which are the videos we were given (hell, the only bizarre stuff we got were people taking the rumor that Kitamura was Yamanaka's favorite seriously, which lead to collateral damage).
The note on the website implies the videos and all are diffamatory, despite they are absolutely not tampered whatsoever (unless someone is able to pull such stunt exist, which means they have quite TOO much free time to tamper the event live, Sugita and Imai's radio events AND Kokoro Connect radio event).
Frankly, you call that incident as a "moral standard", as if normal people would do the same, without justifying one bit. I seriously wonder how necessary/beneficial such stunt was, to make you claim that anyone would do the same.

The only things we have no facts for are: the motivations and the actual names of those who took part of it. Past that, it is fair to conclude several points with the evidences alone, and they are by no means circumstancial at all.
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