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Lightbulb What should I watch next?

Hey again! I know that I have created a thread not so long ago and do not worry, I will watch most of those titles. But the thing is that I have almost 260 plan to watch titles. You can find the list in my sig.

Till now I had a pattern at which I was watching all those shows but lately I feel like I'm missing something and want to change the pattern a bit.

What I want is for you to suggest 5 titles out of my list (though if you know something good that I did not include, you are welcome to update it).

However, there is one catch. My favorite genres are mostly mysteries/dramas/action. Some comedy/romance in between as a change of pace are welcomed too.

so here is what I thought of:

1) Mystery title
2) Drama title
3) Action title
4) Comedy title
5) Anything of your own choice

I did not include romance since usually it is an addition to most of those genres.

I'll be keeping a list down here to make it easier for myself, hope you'll be able to help me create a perfect watch list^^

P.S. I also like sport shows so if you know any, you can add them as point 6. But that's not a must.

Spoiler for List:

Spoiler for Finished:

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