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Quite a list so it's tough pointing out just 5

1)Noir : Mystery might not be the first thing that comes to mind but there's a definite mystery element to it (oh those mysterious flashbacks....) , there's similarities to phantom and I do prefer phantom but I still think it's worth checking out,if only because it's the anime that jumpstarted Yuki Kajiura's career and the OST contains some of her most iconic work.Has some yuri romance

2)Shigofumi : Not a slice of life drama but more of a fantasy drama that explores some dark themes (child abuse,suicide,bullying...),has a romance subplot as well.

3)Redline : Not much plot but if it's action you're looking for then this is a good choice,a real feast for your senses.

4)Azumanga Daioh: a classic, many have tried the same formula,few have come close.

5)Paranoia Agent : this was the first thing I thought of for Mystery but you didn't have it on your list,you havn't watched a Satoshi Kon (RIP) anime it seems so I'm not sure you'll enjoy it,regardless of if you end up liking it or not his work is worth a look because Kon animes tend to leave a mark on its viewers.

6)Cross Game : sports is the tip of the iceberg on this one,romance,drama,comedy,this one has it all.
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