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Originally Posted by RichMan
alright, can you guys name exact names of places near the Hilton Narita New Tokyo International Airport. It's really hard getting this kinda info online. Anything that a tourist would see or a person that just likes anime and video gaming would like to see.

Plz help
There aren't any that I can think of near Narita, but had you stayed with Tokyo as the topic, I simply would have recommended that you change your hotel to somewhere closer to the center of the city (at least within the JR Yamanote loop) and walk to the placed mentioned here and within the other threads on vacationing in Japan.

As for directions, there aren't very many - that I've found - street signs in the city. The streets are rather confusing, and unless you have the direction instincts of a homing pigeon ( ), you're better off getting a guidebook (or more than one!) and work from it.

The fact that building addresses are not assigned in sequential order doesn't help much either...
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