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Originally Posted by aurora704
hi. i am leaving for a 2 week exhange program in japan tomorrow. i ended up getting my host mother 2 Bath and Body Works body washes by accident. would body wash be offensive? because i don't wan't to imply that she is a smelly person or anything.
do i have to gift wrap the presents, or can i leave them in gift bags or something?
and also, what would be the phrase to say when i am giving them their gifts?

oh yes, how do i say something along the lines of "i am really excited (to meet you)" and also "i'm nervous."

if you have any other suggestions, please give them!
*faintly recalls what they said to bring in Japanese class*

Umm, I think you should get them something they could not easily find over in Japan. If someone from Japan was coming to stay with you, wouldn't you be more excited over them bringing manga, anime, Pocky, etc. over an English novel or something?

I do think you should gift wrap it, but I"m not sure. My memory about Japanese gift-exchange is hazy. As for your translations, I'm honestly not entirely too sure but "Tokidoki desu." might fit the bill for both. (tokidoki is the Japanese onamonopeia for fast-paced heart beating). Get a second opinion on that one though, because I'm sure there's a more appropriate prhase that I'm unaware of.

Enjoy your stay in Japan you lucky dog!
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