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Very sad to say, you couldn't ask for a worse time to break into the industry than now. You're very likely to end up as a lowly grunt (assuming you get hired in the first place) working at below minimum wages for a very long time.
Honnestly I really dont think much has changed this sort of situation has existed through out the entire media industry (in developed countries) for atleast ten years. The fact is more and more people are applying for media courses at university meaning that competition for jobs has always been very high.

From my experience, if you want to get a film and tv (regardless of wether or not its animation) you have to do an unpaid internship for several months and even then you will only get a production assistants job.

Its also becoming apparant that not only do you need a portfolio of work you also need to have gotten a sizeable audience (e.g youtube videos), people arent exactly looking at that yet but their starting to.

I dont know if anyone remembers the myspace the movie short film? the person that made it was having trouble getting jobs in hollywood, after making that and achieveing god knows how many views it landed him work.

Getting a job in film is tough and you'd better love it or it will chew you out pretty fast.
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