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I really didn't put as much effort into my signature as I should have. The only thing that really makes it stand out is the transparency. Well, those transparent ones are my style, I guess... Great entries this month. Was very enjoyable to see all the works that were created. Here's my votes for this month, in order of when they submitted their finals...

6. Miko Miko

Simplicity can sometimes have a quality over complexity... I probably messed up what I was saying, and it sounded better in my head... well, it's simple, and it looks great, is what I'm saying.

11. Star-Kaze

The best representation of the holiday, in my respective opinion. Both of you have done excellent jobs.

12. TaiyakiDesu

I wanted to do something similar with Kotonoha (my favorite Yandere, as evidenced by my sig and ava) though alas I didn't have enough time. Great work though.
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