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Originally Posted by Marcus H. View Post
I won't say the complete opposite, but allow me to remind everyone that supporting the industry as it is also poses its own problems.
For example, how will I support Crunchyroll and most legal streaming sites if they release close to zero series in Southeast Asia (i.e., Region 3)?
Honestly, best I can do is watch on Animax, and it only has Alice to Zoroku this season.

That's just bullshit. There are clear and present problems and these problems just pile up on already glaring issues that deny some people of what's considered as the only way to go legit on anime.
I'm not just referring to streaming. It took a few years before Australia had the catalogue that made me feel that paying for a streaming membership would be worth it, so I can understand if you don't feel you have a service worth paying for.

However, I have been buying manga, art books and merchandise from Japan - either directly or from physical shops in both Australia (and SEA whenever I visited) - ever since I got my first job. So I don't buy the argument that it's impossible for anyone who's able to watch anime in the first place to support the creators in some way. Even if it involves buying just one piece of merchandise a year, however small or insignificant you think that purchase might be.

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